The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

Butlr is an MIT spinout with an AIoT people-sensing platform using thermal signals to accurately and anonymously infer activity, occupancy, indoor location, and body posture in buildings. Butlr’s Heatic sensors are privacy-friendly and incapable of collecting personal information. Data from Butlr’s wireless sensors is applied to quickly and cost-effectively gather spatial insights for several applications across industries, including commercial real estate, hospitality, senior living, health care, retail, and public transportation. For CRE, Butlr provides insights on space occupancy and utilization to drive real estate decisions, provide a richer experience, and run buildings more efficiently. For Senior Living, Butlr’s data provide predictive insights to caregivers based on patients’ movement patterns to prevent falls and reduce time spent by nursing staff. Butlr works with some of the largest companies in the world, including Verizon, Netflix, Carrier, Microsoft, and CBRE. 

Revery AI employs AI and computer vision to virtual dressing rooms for online fashion retailers. Shoppers mix outfits, visualize on similar models, aiming to boost engagement, conversions, and lower returns. It also generates pro fashion photos from product images, simplifying outfit styling for creators and users. Revery AI’s virtual dressing rooms are scalable and easy to integrate.

Aspecta is an intelligent identity network to empower builders and foster ecosystem growth based on AI-powered identity, Aspecta ID, emphasizing interoperability, scalability and utilization. Aspecta also provides Dev-Eco-As-A-Service for leading L1/L2 and developer-oriented applications to vitalize and grow the developer community with identity infrastructure solution.

Sidechain is a creator economy platform and marketplace that powers the next generation of token-powered experiences. Sidechain enables creators to unleash their creativity, unlocking new ways to build authentic community and reward their audiences. Sidechain partners with leading music concerts, web2 brands, and web3 communities.

D3 ServeLabs Inc. invents a smart contract protocol named D3NS, SDKs to provide smart contract-as-a-service. While there are established players in the blockchain domain name resolution space, such as ENS, D3NS has the potential to break through the glass ceiling of adoption due to the design limitations of ENS. D3NS aims to offer a more user-friendly and customizable domain name resolution service that could attract a wider user base and help drive the adoption of blockchain domain names.

Cephla builds open and scalable automated microscopes optimized for specific applications to accelerate discoveries and solutions. The Squid product line aims at eliminating barriers of access to high-end/bespoke systems, increasing data generation throughput, and making it easier to develop/adopt new capabilities/technologies. The Octopi product line aims at helping accelerate the paradigm shift in microscopy-based diagnostics, starting with malaria – a disease affecting hundreds of millions of people every year.